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The Brooklyn Staircase

Quality Wooden Stairs
Brooklyn Staircase

Bespoke Stairs

The Brooklyn staircase is a Bespoke Oak Cut String staircase, the layout is a quarter landing configuration, the Spindles are 55mm Oak Turned spindles, now known a Brooklyn Spindles, the Newel posts are 115mm Oak Turned newels and the Handrail is Stairplan's SHR Profile widened to take 55mm spindles (SHR55) one of the main features of this staircase is the Ascending Volute detail at the entry.

The Brooklyn Stair The Brooklyn Staircase

Manufactured from Super Prime Grade American White Oak, this superior grade allows us to cut out most of the defects you would find in the typical FAS grade of american white oak, when obtaining comparative quotations on Oak staircases it is important to check on the grade of Oak that has been quoted for and if any of the parts are engineered or veneered.

Brooklyn staircase with a ascending volute detail

The Acending volute detail brings the volute detail lower than standard volutes the makes the volute stronger than standard volutes.

Brooklyn Ascending Volute

The spindles have been turned Bespoke for this staircase, you can see there are 2 different lengths of turnings, the turnings sit level on each step at the bottom and at the top they follow the line of the handrail.

Staircase Production workshop

Heritage Collection of Stair spindles

Heritage 55mm Oak Spindles - Looking for a High Spec staircase ?
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How to get a Quick Quote ?

Have a look through the stair layout drawings we have on the websites identify the layout closest to the staircase you require and phoneus with the reference, you can also let us know the style and materials you would like the stairs in.
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Measure your stairs Measuring your staircase

Express Order Service For a small premium we offer a Express order service for staircases, typical delivery on a Express order staircase is 10 working days.

(Subject to production drawings being signed off)

Stairparts Aswell as offering complete sets of stairs we also offer stair parts, We offer Stair spindles , newel posts handrails etc all at huge savings off the recommended retail prices.

Staircase Regulations We have a selection of notes to help you with the relevent regulations on stairs in the UK.
Please note diferent regulations apply to Scotland compared to England and Wales.

Fusion Stairs Stairplan are the Leading single outlet for the Fusion stair balustading system from Richard Burbidge, this modern set of balustrading components with Chrome or Brushed Nickel finished fittings has prooved to be a huge hit in 2005 - 2007.
Lowest prices for Fusion !!

Ordering stairs online Save £££ We do have a facility to order stairs from a selection of standard layouts online there are floor to floor heights available from 2500mm to 2800mm. There are Straight stairs , Single winder stairs and some double winder staircases.

Axxys Stairs The Axxys range of stair parts is another contemporary range again offering Chrome and Brushed finish components like the fusion stairs range. We started offering the Axxys in September 2007 and it is now prooving to be a popular choice.
Lowest Axxys Prices !!

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